The Guilty Mother by Diane Jeffrey @dianefjeffrey @HQDigitalUK

Book Description:


Melissa Slade had it all: beauty, money, a successful husband and beautiful twin babies. But, in the blink of an eye, her perfect life became a nightmare – when she found herself on trial for the murder of her little girls.


Jonathan Hunt covered the original Slade Babies case for the local newspaper. Now that new evidence has come to light, Jon’s boss wants him back on the story to uncover the truth.

With Melissa’s appeal date looming, time is running out. And, as Jon gets drawn deeper into a case he’d wanted to forget, he starts to question Melissa’s guilt.

Is Melissa manipulating Jon or telling him the truth? Is she a murderer, or the victim of a miscarriage of justice?

And if Melissa Slade is innocent, what really happened to Ellie and Amber Slade?

Don’t miss THE GUILTY MOTHER, the chilling new psychological thriller from eBook bestseller Diane Jeffrey!

My Thoughts:

The story flicks between a few of the characters but mainly Jonathan, a reporter and Melissa who is in prison charged with murder. I really felt for Melissa but to lose not one baby but two, well it is hard to comprehend and have to admit it does give cause for concern as the likely hood of two babies dying in a short time of each other due to natural causes, hard to get your head around.

There are quite a few characters in the story of which gives scope for more suspects including Melissa. Through the investigation by Jonathan and his side kick Kelly that he is giving some guidance to in helping her be a better reporter, more things come to light in the search for a good story to run in the paper.

I was constantly changing my mind as to who could be behind it and second guessing everyone and everything. I kept thinking I was getting close for the author to keep changing the goal posts. Kelly’s character I absolutely loved and whilst she might be a bit wet behind the ears, she shows that she will go far in a role as a reporter. I liked the natural working relationship between her and Jonathan and thought they worked really well together.

The Guilty Mother is packed full of lies and secrets. You never knew quite what next was going to be revealed which really keeps you on your toes and I ended up reading the book in one morning as I was totally held hostage by the story. The added bonus of a few twists really makes this a thrilling read. Perfect for fans of a good psychological thrillers.

My thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

The Guilty Mother is available to purchase from Amazon.

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