On His Grave by M K Farrar @MarissaFarrar

Book Description:

It started with a lie…

Life for single mother Kristen Scott has never been easy.

Brought up by a crazy mother and left to take care of her younger sister, all she ever wanted was a normal family home.

But a messy divorce leads to her struggling to make ends meet. When her co-worker suggests taking in a foreign student, the money seems too good to turn down. What she isn’t expecting is a twenty-something Swede to turn up, and slot right into her and her son’s life.

Things quickly start to go wrong. Her ex-husband isn’t happy with the new setup. Her sister has issues. Her son is being bullied

And strange things are happening at home.

With unanswered questions, Kristen starts to wonder about the people she’s let into her life…

Someone is lying, but who?

My Thoughts:

Kristen is a single mother having to take desperate measures by opening her home up to a stranger to bring in some extra income so that she can provide a roof and a warm home for her and her son to live in.

Ollie is a cute kid who is having issues at school with an older boy called Felix. I think the author tackles the subject of bullying well and I was fully on side with Kristen when it comes to Felix’s mother. She infuriated me.

Kristen has a lot going on in her life. Her sister is a constant drain on her emotionally, always wanting attention. Her ex husband is someone else who causes her issues with letting their son down and of course hits the roof when he finds out about a stranger living in the same house as his son. On top of all that there is the run ins with bullying boys mum and Kristen is trying to adjust to life with someone new in her home. I felt worn out for her!

As all this is going on, strange things start to happen. Malicious things at that. As Kristen starts to have fall outs with everyone, it opens wider as to who could be behind it all. The only comfort she gets is from Haiden, the tall, blonde mature student from Sweden who is staying with her.

On His Grave is an enthralling page turner of a read. The suspense and tension builds throughout, just as I would expect from this genre of book. I have to admit I did have my suspicions as to who was behind it which proved correct but the author has other little surprises up her sleeve as well as making you doubt yourself with little red herrings being dropped here and there. All in all a story that kept me hooked and had me racing through the pages for a satisfying climax.

On His Grave is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

5 thoughts on “On His Grave by M K Farrar @MarissaFarrar”

  1. Marissa Farrar is extremely talented. I have been reading her books for the longest time. I don’t even need to read the blurbs anymore. I buy her books as they come in but lately I can’t seem to catch up with her. She is on fire, on a roll and Her books are the only ones I pay without reading the blurbs although I have several favorite authors she is number 1 in my book. I hadn’t heard of this book and now I want to read it. 😄😃😀. Fabulous review btw.

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