Tall Order by Stephen Leather @HodderBooks

Book Description:

He is one of the world’s most ruthless terrorists, codenamed Saladin. He plans and executes devastating attacks and then, ghost-like, he disappears.

Ten years ago he blew a plane out of the sky above New York – and now he’s killed dozens in a London strike.

But one of the latest victims is related to the acting head of MI5, who knows exactly who she wants on the case: Spider Shepherd.

Dean Martin, a psychologically damaged former Navy SEAL, is the only person in the world who can identify Saladin. But Martin was killed ten years ago – wasn’t he?

Shepherd must find Martin and take him back to the killing fields on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Revenge on the world’s most wanted terrorist is long overdue, and Shepherd is determined to be the one to deliver it . . .

My Thoughts:

So Dan Shepherd is back and as always, it’s with a bang!

The start of this novel is both shocking and exciting. You just know that whatever is between the covers in books in this series, there is plenty to look forward to.

What I love about this series is that the further you get into it, it doesn’t matter if you have read previous books in it as the later ones tend to read well as a stand alone. I would advise reading them all of course as I have, as it’s a brilliant series.

There is a high body count in the book, some of which are shocking and sad where as others, I was glad about and some I was torn with. I’m not sure I believe in revenge but then I’ve never had a loved one brutally taken away from me. It is easy to relate to the characters that have been affected by loss though.

Tall Order is a great title for this story as Dan has his work cut out with having to stand up to people in authority as well as putting the world to rights. I love how he takes everything in his stride. I don’t think anything will ever come between him and his job, it certainly hasn’t so far. Another gripping and thrilling, action packed read that will have you tearing through the pages for one hell of a climax.

Tall Order is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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