Caring For Justice by M.A. Comley @Melcom1

Book Description:

A Justice novella featuring the original cast members, yes, Pete is back!

DI Lorne Simpkins and her partner, Pete Childs have one of their toughest cases to crack in this fast paced novella. 

Someone is intent on attacking pensioners in their own homes. Can Lorne and Pete put an end to these heinous crimes? Or will someone else intervene to give the investigation a helping hand?

My Thoughts:

Even if you haven’t yet delved into this authors Justice series, you can easily pick up this novella and have no trouble getting stuck straight in as it reads very well as a stand alone.

Next to children, pensioners are without a doubt the next most vulnerable type of people that can be easy prey to criminals. It made my blood boil reading of the crimes against them in this book. I could feel my emotions rising the further into the story and I was desperate for Lorne and Pete to get this particular case solved quickly.

The story took an unexpected turn which was a good surprise as I was fully expecting it to go one way for the author to then only venture off course. It will certainly mess with your head, giving you food for thought.

Caring For Justice is an unputdownable crime thriller. I read it in one sitting but then that’s nothing new with this authors books as they always hook me making me not want to put them down. Really enjoying these novellas and seeing Lorne and Pete at their best. If you haven’t yet read one of the authors books, then give them a go, you won’t be sorry.

Caring For Justice is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

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