My Chronicle Book Box October 2019 @MyChronicleBB

Over the last year or so now, subscription boxes have been popping up on my radar. The main ones I’ve been interested in are of course, book ones. So when I was approached by My Chronicle Book Box to become a My Chronicle Book Box Brand Rep for their Autumn crime boxes on my blog, well, I got very excited.

The day my box arrived, I coudn’t wait to delve straight in. I’ve never been very patient and I wanted to tear into the box but then that wouldn’t have looked great in the photo’s now would it? I’m glad I took my time as I probably would never have noticed this wonderful quote on the front of the box.

With trepidation I proceeded to open the box to see what delights it held in store for me.

Slowly peeling the sticker off, this was the beautiful sight that awaited me.

My excitement was really growing by this point but I was determined to take my time and devour everything as it came out of the box. First up was the Newsletter.

Next up was an exclusive interview with Ann Cleeves as well as a leaflet with more information about the book and the author.

There were even some stunning postcards of the Devon coast which fits perfectly with where the story is set.

Next to my love of books is candles. So when I picked up the item in the yellow tissue paper, I was over joyed to find a wonderful candle. I am usually a shower girl but that evening, I had a bath and lit the candle on the bath side and wow, it was so relaxing and smelt divine.

Then came the bit I had been waiting for, the book itself. It surpassed all my expectations. A signed, first edition of The Long Call. Wow, my face was such a picture when I opened this.

So there you go. My first box from the My Chronicle Book Box company. I have to say it was way more than I had imagined and I loved my first experience of getting one. It didn’t disappoint. For me, it’s a great way to treat yourself or a loved one and think it is worth every penny.

I especially love how everything is themed within the box which shows how much thought and consideration has gone into putting it together. With the postcards and the candle, all complimenting the book. For me it makes it stand out a bit more from other subscription boxes.

***I received this box in exchange for an honest opinion, of which are all my own and not biased in anyway.***

For more information and how you can subscribe, please visit https://mychroniclebookbox.com/ I am delighted to also have a discount code for you to use which gives you 10% off your first box which is LETTER10.




4 thoughts on “My Chronicle Book Box October 2019 @MyChronicleBB”

      1. I’m glad I saw yours as looked at a few and just wasn’t sure, so will see what comes through, will possibly take pictures of my box too as may interest others as well. I like the look of the fairy box but it’s US and postage was expensive and crime us more my genre. So will see what comes next month something to look forward to as long as I haven’t already bought the book lol

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