Murder At The Hotel by M.A. Comley @Melcom1

Book Description:

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author M A Comley who has sold over two and a half million copies worldwide.

With heads still spinning from the recent murder at Carmel Cove’s largest wedding, excitement mounts as a famous author books into the hotel with her entourage. Excitement quickly turns to fear and suspicion as another murder rocks the small community.

When a member of Ruth Morgan’s amateur dramatic club is arrested for the crime, Ruth must once again take the reins and battle wits with not only her nemesis, the local Detective Inspector, but also the murderer who is determined to evade capture.

Grab this fast-paced cozy mystery today. Readers who enjoy Faith Martin’s mysteries will enjoy this novel.

Other books in this series: Murder at the Wedding Murder at the Hotel Murder by the Sea

My Thoughts:

Murder At The Hotel is the second book in the Carmel Cove Cozy mystery series and reads easily as a standalone.

Where as the first book was set in summer time, this one is set in winter time and you can feel the cold seep in whilst reading it. I was huddling myself up on the sofa whilst I got further into this cosy but chilling story.

It was hard to feel any sympathy for the victim in this novel. If anything I felt sorry for Ruth’s friend who is wrongly arrested. The murder victim is not a likable character at all but this makes Ruth’s job even harder as there are so many possibilities of who the murderer could be, as nearly everyone had a reason to kill them.

This is definitely a very clever “whodunnit” as everyone was a suspect to me. I felt bad that in my head I was accusing pretty much everyone. I just wanted Ruth to hurry up and catch them so that her poor friend could be released.

Am hoping in the next novel there maybe the sound of wedding bells as am with James on this one and would love for him and Ruth to tie the knot. I mean who doesn’t love a good wedding?

Murder At The Hotel is another gripping read that I read in one afternoon. Am loving this slightly cozier side to the author. They have all the markings of a great murder mystery series with the lavish and idyllic settings. It also helps having a really likable protagonist for the readers to cheer on. A highly entertaining read that would be perfect for the telly.

My thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Murder at The Hotel is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an Amazon affiliate link).

4 thoughts on “Murder At The Hotel by M.A. Comley @Melcom1”

  1. In short, you are telling me that I should get to this author proto….

    Why don’t you do a tour of her books? My TBR can go down and she gets reviews. Win win situation


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