In The Woods by M K Farrar @MarissaFarrar

Book Description:

Dying is easy. Surviving… can be murder.

Twenty-three year old Cassandra Draper is the latest victim of the serial killer police have dubbed ‘The Magician’, due to his ability to make women disappear.

Abducted and drugged, he takes her out into the middle of nowhere, where he chains her to a tree trunk.

She thinks things can’t get any worse, but a freak accident renders her completely alone.

And no one knows where she is.

She thought being abducted by a serial killer was as bad as things could get….

But she’s about to learn there are worse things than being dead.

My Thoughts:

We meet Cassandra as she is coming to after being abducted. I couldn’t think of anything more frightening. Especially when she realises what her captor has in store for her.

Now you would think being faced with a serial killer, is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Well unfortunately for Cassandra, it’s about to get even worse. Her luck is well and truly out.

This is a story with pretty much a cast of one. You can feel the isolation of what Cassandra is facing pouring off the pages, over the reader. All her fears, soon became my own and I wondered throughout if she was going to catch a break and ever get out of the woods alive when there is so much against her.

In The Woods was an engrossing read for a story with only one main character. Goes to show what a great writer the author is that I didn’t lose interest for one moment, as I was gripped by what I was reading. It is a story very much about survival and the strong will to live. It had me on the edge of my seat that’s for sure as well as a few moments that made me more than squirm!

In The Woods is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an Amazon affiliate link).

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