If I Should Die by M K Farrar & M.A. Comley @MarissaFarrar @Mel_ComleyWrite

Book Description:

Eight strangers… can any be trusted?

Grace’s life has been hard.
After nursing her mother through a long battle against cancer, a battle she eventually lost, Grace has to get away. She’s sacrificed her early twenties and now has a hole in her life. All her friends have moved on, gone to university or off travelling, and Grace is struggling.
A competition to win a hiking holiday catches her eye. It’s just what she needs—fresh air, a long way from London, and a chance to meet other people.
She didn’t expect to win, but to her surprise, she finds herself whisked away to the Scottish Highlands, together with seven strangers.
Each of those strangers seems to have a secret, and as an accident during their hike takes them to an unexplored location, those secrets start to unravel.
Some of her fellow travellers end up hurt, or worse, leaving Grace wondering if one of the others is responsible.
If so, will she be next?

Get the final book in this heart-racing psychological thriller series from NY Times and USA Today bestselling author M A Comley, and M K Farrar.

My Thoughts:

The location for the story couldn’t be more perfect for a murder. Whilst you can appreciate the stunning views, you could also feel the utter isolation. Grace finds herself spending her holiday with seven strangers. I was intrigued to know whether the characters were going to get on or not as they would be pretty much living out of each other’s pockets.

There are a mixed bunch of people on the hiking holiday. Some I liked more than others. When strange things start to happen, I feared for their safety, not just Grace’s. The chapters that the authors sneak in every now and then with a character whose identity is kept hidden, really adds to the air of mystery.

If I Should Die has a real who dunnit vibe with the story taking place in such a remote location. It’s almost like a modern take on Agatha Christie but more darker. The fear from the characters passes over onto the reader and I was just as scared as they were. Everything is kept from the readers so that when things come to a close, I was very much taken by surprise as had seen certain things coming. A chilling read that will have you thinking twice about going hiking!

If I Should Die is available to purchase from Amazon.

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