None The Wiser by Rachel Amphlett @RachelAmphlett

Book Description:

What if some secrets were never meant to stay buried?

When a parish priest is brutally murdered in cold blood, a rural community is left in shock – and fear.

New to the Vale of the White Horse, Detective Sergeant Mark Turpin discovers the murder bears the hallmark of a vicious killer who shows no remorse for his victim, and leaves no trace behind.

After a second priest is killed, his broken body bearing similar ritualistic abuse, the police are confronted by a horrifying truth – there is a serial killer at large with a disturbing vendetta.

As fear grips the once tranquil countryside, Mark and his team race to uncover a tangle of dark secrets and lies before the killer strikes again.

In doing so, Mark finds out that the truth is more twisted than he could ever have imagined…

None the Wiser is the first book in a new murder mystery series from USA Today bestselling author Rachel Amphlett.

My Thoughts:

There is just something about Mark and Jan that I knew that as soon as we are introduced to them, this was one duo I was going to love. I wasn’t wrong. Mark is new to the area and isn’t even supposed to have started work when Jan turns up to take him to a murder. Mark is attempting a fresh start whilst Jan is just your stereo typical female, juggling work and home life together. Her home life did bring a smile to my face in this otherwise, dark read.

I love a story line to do with priests and the church, there is just something about it that always has me devouring the books and this one was no exception. The murders are pretty gruesome but again, made it very addictive. The author keeps the odd surprise up her sleeve so that I was quite shocked at some of the revelations when they happened.

None The Wiser is a cracker of a start to a new crime series. I love the chemistry between Mark and Jan and for me this was the icing on the top. A good detective series needs a likeable crime fighting duo and I can see this pair becoming firm favourites. A compelling and thrilling read.

My thanks to the author for ab advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

None The Wiser is available to purchase from Amazon.

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