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Book Description:


A teenage girl is found murdered, encased in glass.

Detective Dove Milson is called out to the chilling crime scene by the Devon coast. The murder is a replica of the work of serial killer Peter Hayworth, known as the Glass Doll murderer. He would be the prime suspect . . . but he’s already dead.


Now Dove leads the case. It’s her first job as part of the Major Crimes Team. She is recovering from a breakdown a few months earlier.

Then another Glass Doll is found in an isolated cove.


Dove finds her family is at the heart of this new case. The latest Glass Doll victims both worked at her sister Gaia’s strip club.
The club’s manager found the second Glass Doll. He claims to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Dove doesn’t believe in coincidences.


Will she become the next Glass Doll?

Time is running out for her niece. Dove must race to catch a killer before it’s too late. Then a new lead tears a hole in the case.

Discover a brand new thriller with a jaw-dropping twist you won’t see coming.

Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter, K.L. Slater, Robert Bryndza, Helen Fields and Angela Marsons.


Glass Dolls – The Inspiration.

There is always a starting point for a writer – a sudden idea that just hits you and won’t let go. Sometimes it’s a character, and sometimes a dream or an experience, or even something you’ve read in the newspaper.

For Glass Dolls, there were two ‘light bulb’ moments. Firstly, I was driving the kids to school, stopped at the traffic lights and noticed a pile of rubbish had been dumped at the side of the road. On top on the pile was a little rectangular glass or plastic box. It caught the sunlight as we drove off. It was empty, but very clean and shiny.

Secondly, I always need a strong lead character for any book, but for a series I think you need not only that character but a team, with layers and relatable lives – people who make good and bad decisions as we all do. I am lucky to have a brilliant friend, an ex Met DI, who helps me with police procedure. We like to meet up for coffee and chat and when I mentioned I was interested in police informants for the next book, he phoned a friend, *Alex who was an ex-source handler.

To get the facts right, I had to research what it was like as a female source handler. *Alex, was able to give me an insight into the depth of involvement, the fact that having that ‘extra phone’ takes over your life, and that living and working ‘on the edge’ means that for many source handlers burnout is a way of life.

DC. Dove Milson is a fictional character, but there is a lot of *Alex in her. Although I spend a huge amount of time making sure the facts I use in my books are correct, for the sake of the plot, and the fact this is fiction, sometimes I bend the rules slightly to move things along. My police consultant is also telling me if I put in all the real life meetings you would have on a murder case, it would be a pretty boring book, even if the case was intriguing!

Daisy White started writing fifteen years ago, scribbling ideas at work on the night shift, firstly flying as cabin crew, and latterly working for the Ambulance Service.

Her 1960’s cosy mystery trilogy, The Ruby Baker Mysteries, was published in 2017 by Joffe Books, followed by psychological thrillers Remember Me and The Forgotten Child (HarperCollins) in 2019. 

Daisy’s new crime thriller GLASS DOLLS, (Joffe Books), is out at the end of March 2020, and is the first in the DC. Dove Milson series. 

Daisy is a multi- award-winning entrepreneur, and loves inspiring new writers to put pen to paper to start their own creative journey. She is represented by The Kate Nash Literary Agency.


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