Three Women Of Liverpool by Helen Forrester @JoffeBooks @Books_n_all

Book Description:


Liverpool, May 1941
The worst week of the Blitz. Helen Forrester produces another moving novel set on Merseyside.

An extraordinary story of three brave women, Ellen, Gwen and Emmie, each trying in her own way to deal with the brutal tide of destruction brought on by the air raids of the Second World War.

Emmie’s biggest fear is for the safety of her merchant seaman fiancé, far away in the South Atlantic.

She lives with her sister-in-law Gwen while she awaits his safe return. Keeping her home perfect absorbs all Gwen’s time and energy.

Their next-door neighbour Ellen’s house is destroyed by bombs. How will she care for her five children and husband as poverty threatens?

Their lives changed forever when the air raid siren sounded for the first time on 1 May, 1941.

Discover their fates as they struggle through all the twists and turns of wartime.

My Thoughts:

This is an author who really brings war time life alive in her books but more so in this one.

We see what life is like for three women in the full throes of attacks on the city. Whilst there is a small amount of humour in this book, it is quite little compared to her other ones, making this one more darker. Understandable with what the women are going through.

Through the characters, I could feel their emotions and fears as if they were my own. Friends, neighbours, loved ones, all being affected by what is going on. Time spent in the shelters whilst the raids are going on. I don’t think you could get a fiction story with much more insight into what life was like back then than in this story. It was both scary and emotional but the need to read on was high.

Three Women Of Liverpool is a great story showing the strength of women in tough times. It’s history and drama coming together and making for one compelling read. If you haven’t read any of this authors books before then you really should. Have spent hours of enjoyment over the years reading them and they still deliver today like they did when I first started reading them over twenty years ago.

My thanks to Jill Burkinshaw and Joffe Books for a readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Three Women Of Liverpool is available to purchase from Amazon.

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