I Love You Too, Daddy by Shervin Jamali @ShervinJamali

I Love You Too, Daddy is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an Amazon affiliate link)

Book Description:

A young man hears a voice, compelling him to write the story of his life. About a father, and brother, he adores. And perhaps a mother, who got lost in the shuffle. But there’s so much more. The voice convinces him others might benefit from his tale. That they too could overcome loss as a result. So Jason writes his emotional journey.

My Thoughts:

This feels like such a personal story. I know it’s fiction but I think because the chapters gives us an insight into the main characters life with such personal memories and thoughts, it makes for an emotional and moving read.

Losing a loved one is tough. My heart went out to Jason and his family when they are hit with their first loss. We see what that loss is like from a child’s point of view as well as from a parents and how they all deal with it. In someway’s it’s hard to comprehend as none of us want to face the thought of losing a child, sibling, mother or father but it happens every day.

At 80 pages this was a quick read. Maybe a little to quick. In the short space of time I had become hugely attached to Jason and what he was going through and didn’t feel ready to leave him and his family. But then this is another reminder of what the real world is about.

I Love You Too, Daddy is a sombre and emotional read that tackles the taboo subject of death. Its much more than that though. It’s about family and strength and gives the reader food for thought. It certainly made me want to hug my loved ones that little bit tighter and to let them know how much I love them. For a short story, the author made sure it had an impact on me and it will be one that sticks with me.

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