The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides @orionbooks @AlexMichaelides

The Silent Patient is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an Amazon affiliate link)

Book Description:

Alicia Berenson lived a seemingly perfect life until one day six years ago.

When she shot her husband in the head five times.

Since then she hasn’t spoken a single word.

It’s time to find out why.

THE SILENT PATIENT is the gripping must-read thriller of the year – perfect for fans of THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS by Lisa Jewell, BLOOD ORANGE by Harriet Tyce and PLAYING NICE by JP Delaney.

My Thoughts:

After hearing so many great things from my book friends, I have to say, they were totally right.

The book is set into different parts with the central characters being Alicia and Theo. Theo is a therapist who makes it his mission to get Alicia, a patient who hasn’t spoken a word since she killed her husband, speaking again. The story also flicks to the past so we get to know Alicia better as well as what her life was like beforehand.

How the story starts was enough to firmly grab my attention. In a way it doesn’t feel like the story goes anywhere fast but when you look back, it has. I suppose some people may class it as a slow burn but I was as intrigued as Theo, in what was going on in Alicia’s head and I couldn’t actually read it quick enough to get to the conclusion and oh boy, it was so not what I was expecting!

Whilst I had enjoyed the story overall, the twists when they come, wow oh wow! I had to go back and reread one part in particular. That’s when everything all of a sudden came together. It’s almost like a lightbulb moment and it makes you go back and think about everything you have just read. The excitement and adrenaline that coursed through me was second to none.

The Silent Patient is a read that will mess with your head. I nearly dropped my Kindle whilst my brain tried to comprehend one particular part. This is a book that has had a lot of praise and whilst sometimes I try to steer away from books that have so much hype around them, I am so glad I gave this one a go as it is literally brilliant. A clever read that will have you gasping out loud.

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