A Litter of Bones by JD Kirk @JDKirkBooks

A Litter of Bones is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an Amazon affiliate link)

Book Description:

A missing child. A tormented detective. A ticking clock.

Ten years ago, DCI Jack Logan stopped the serial child-killer dubbed ‘Mister Whisper,’ earning himself a commendation, a drinking problem, and a broken marriage in the process.

Now, he spends his days working in Glasgow’s Major Investigations Team, and his nights reliving the horrors of what he saw.

And what he did.

When another child disappears a hundred miles north in the Highlands, Jack is sent to lead the investigation and bring the boy home.

But as similarities between the two cases grow, could it be that Jack caught the wrong man all those years ago?

And, if so, is the real Mister Whisper about to claim his fourth victim?

A Litter of Bones is the explosive debut crime thriller novel from Amazon number one bestselling author, JD Kirk, an exciting new voice in Scottish crime fiction. Perfect for fans of L.J. Ross, Ian Rankin, Chris Brookmyre, and Stuart Macbride.

My Thoughts:

This is the first book in the DCI Logan crime series and what an introduction!

Logan is a brilliant character. I couldn’t help but take to him instantly. He’s a straight talking, no nonsense type of guy who tends to bend the rules a bit but the reader can’t help loving him more for it. I loved his attitude towards his job and how he deals with things.

This is one of those classic cases with a murderer behind bars and then cases start to happen where the similarities to the previous cases are too much of a coincidence to ignore. Its one I never tire of and the author has a great take on it in this story. I like how it’s also personal to Logan with him having worked on the previous cases.

I really enjoyed getting to know all the characters in the story, especially the ones in Logan’s team. Not sure where the author will go next with Logan being sent up to the Highlands to help on this particular case. Would definitely love to see more of the other officers involved so am hoping he finds himself back there.

A Litter of Bones was a highly enjoyable start to a brand new series to me. Think there is ten in the series so far so am a fair bit behind but at least there is no waiting involved as I can dive into the others as soon as I want to. I could easily see this being adapted for the television as it has a great setting as well as characterisation. There was plenty going on to keep me hooked throughout of which I ended up reading it over three evenings as I struggled to put it down. A chilling, riveting read that had me glued to my seat.

4 thoughts on “A Litter of Bones by JD Kirk @JDKirkBooks”

  1. Hi Sarah
    I discovered this series last year and have read the first eight books so far. Really like the slightly maverick Jack Logan, and all the lovely places in Scotland he gets sent to. Liked your review.

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