A Song for Tomorrow by Alice Peterson @simonschusterUK @AlicePeterson1

A Song For Tomorrow is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an Amazon affiliate link)

Book Description:

Tom fell in love with Alice the moment he saw her. He realises that being with her will not be easy, but she is a force of nature, a burst of sunlight in his otherwise ordinary world. 

Some people might look at Alice and think she has everything, but Alice knows she is not like other women. Her life is complicated, unpredictable, difficult. Alice does not like pity. All she wants to do – all she’s ever wanted to do – is sing.

Alice has been told not to follow her dreams. So has Tom. But when fate has already dealt a tough hand, it’s time to stop listening to everyone else and follow their hearts . . .

My Thoughts:

I have to be honest and admit I didn’t know too much about cystic fibrosis and this book even though fiction, gave me a massive insight into what life is like for someone living with it.

I adored Alice’s character. To live with a disease that affects her life daily yet her strength and determination to not let it define her or stop her from doing what she wants, was both humbling and inspiring. Her family and friend network was so wonderful to read of and the fantastic support that she not only gets from them but gives to others, again took my breath away. So many times throughout it made me re-evaluate what’s truly important in life.

Tom, gosh how I adored him. He is so sweet and adorable and I couldn’t help but fall the tiniest bit in love with him. Seeing his side of being in a relationship with someone again with this illness, I had so much compassion for him and in some respects though he was every bit as brave as Alice is in facing live together with it.

A Song For Tomorrow is a tear jerker of a read that was uplifting and inspiring all at the same time. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from Alice’s story of which the main thing has to be is to live life to your fullest. Whilst I read a lot of it through tears in my eyes, it really is such a wonderful story and one that touched my heart and soul. If you love an emotional page turner, then this book has absolutely got to be on your to read pile.

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