The Autumn Tree by Tony J Forder @TonyJForder

The Autumn Tree is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link)

Book Description:

DI Bliss returns in another stunning crime thriller.

When dark desires have no limitations, anything is fair game.

After a young woman is found strangled to death, Bliss is called to the scene. When he learns that one of his business cards was found among the victim’s clothing, and he is told what was written on the back of it, Bliss is immediately troubled. The card was one of five he handed out to trafficked young women he and his team had previously rescued from a shipping container.

When he sees the victim, Bliss realises she was not one of those saved that day. So whose card does she have? Any why? And is it connected to her murder?

The murder investigation proves to be more complex and challenging than the team could possibly have imagined. But just as they think they have it figured out, they learn that depravity has no boundaries…

My Thoughts:

I don’t know how the author does it but with each book, it’s better than the last which I keep thinking can’t be possible. It sure is though as Tony J Forder just keeps delivering top class reads.

What makes this series so compelling is Bliss. He is a law unto himself and is probably a nightmare to work with at times but his heart is pure gold. He goes above and beyond, putting himself in danger to catch the criminals and get them off the streets. Trafficking young women is such an horrendous crime in itself and it affected me in ways I didn’t think was possible. I thought the author did a particularly stellar job of portraying Bliss’ emotions throughout the story.

I would love to see this series on the screen and would be so interested to see who would be cast for the role. He isn’t a spring chicken by any means but he seems to have a way with the ladies which I think comes as much as a surprise to him as it does to readers at times. There is just something about his character that is ruggedly attractive that made me want to mother him. Probably not the authors intention but he does have his demons which has you not only routing for him but to take him under your wings also and bring a bit of happiness into his life. But then of course, it wouldn’t be a gripping crime thriller then and where would the enjoyment be in that?

The Autumn Tree is a tense page turner that totally enveloped me and wouldn’t let go. This is an author who creates truly gripping storylines that will pull on the readers emotions. I adore Bliss and his working relationship with Chandler is just top notch and makes for some entertaining reading in itself. This series goes from strength to strength that delivers on all counts, each and every time. If you haven’t discovered Bliss for yourself yet, then you are in for a major treat.

My thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

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