Berlin Reload by James Quinn @RandomTTours @annecater

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Book Description:

“The time of reckoning is here, Gorilla Grant.”

Jack “Gorilla” Grant, retired assassin and former spy, is living a new life as a peaceful, successful businessman. But when his daughter is kidnapped in Rome, it is just the opening gambit in a series of events that pushes him back into the “Redaction” business that he once walked away from.

Unseen forces are moving against Gorilla and dangerous enemies from his past are threatening his future, intent on turning a cold war into a hot war. But Gorilla has one rule; don’t mess with my family.  And he’s willing to kill to enforce it.

From the dangerous streets of 1960’s Berlin to a hit contract in Austria, and finally to a race against time in East Germany, Berlin Reload is an epic cold war spy story that spans the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, and throws James Quinn’s anti-hero Gorilla Grant into a mission where he may have to decide between the life of his daughter and the dawning of a new conflict between East and West.


Chapter Two 

“Who was that?”
“Katy, I don’t know,” said Grant, frantically turning the steering wheel.
“What just happened?”
“We were attacked… targeted,” he replied, his eyes flicking from the mirror to the road in rapid succession. 

“Why? Is this something to do with your old job for the government?” 

“Katy, I don’t know!”
“Dad – they tried to kill us!”
“Katy, I know. Just stop for a second and let me think! We’re safe for the moment. No one is catching us. Not today.” 

Grant hoped he was right and he hoped he sounded convincing enough, for Katy’s sake. 

But her question, the one that dug down deep; was this to do with his old job? The attack was definitely targeted against him; Katy would have just been in the way, a nuisance, collateral damage. It had all the hallmarks of a professional hit; weapons, tactics, resources. This wasn’t some random terrorist attack nor was it a case of mistaken identity. They had been hunted through the streets. There was a motive behind it. What it was, he wasn’t sure yet. But the fact that the blond assassin had called him by his name – no, worse, by his old work- name – meant that hidden forces were moving against him and he had to find out why. But first, he had to get them both into some kind of protection. 

“What are we going to do?” she asked. He could feel his daughter’s eyes burning into the side of his face as he drove. 

“Well, love, we can’t go back to my hotel, or your apartment, come to that. If they knew we’d be at the restaurant, chances are they’d been following one of us for a day or so,” he said. 

“You mean following me, don’t you?” 

Grant shrugged. He was experienced in hos- tile surveillance so knew the telltale signs, but Katy… maybe not so much, so he chose to re- main silent. 

“Okay, so they were following me. But why?” she asked. 

“I don’t know yet, Katy, but I am going to find out,” he replied. 

James Quinn is the author of the “Gorilla Grant” series of spy novels. A professional security consultant and
corporate intelligence operative, he currently resides in the UK but likes to travel extensively around the globe.
His next projects are “Clandestine” – a short story anthology, based around espionage, deception and intrigue –
and The Fisherman, which introduces a new character to the world of covert intelligence.
Visit the official James Quinn author website for more information about upcoming projects and events;
Facebook : James Quinn – Spy Author

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  1. Many thanks to Sarah for hosting Berlin Reload today, and thank you all for allowing me to show you a little bit of Gorilla Grant and his world of espionage. James Quinn x

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