Our Broken Fairytale by Calvin Wade @calvin_wade

Book Description:

When Jay Cassidy was widowed at forty years old, he believed that he would never be happy again. One morning on the train to work, however, he noticed a teenage girl who intrigued him. Little did he know that this girl would hold the key to his mental recovery.
‘Our Broken Fairy Tale’ is a story about a special friendship established between Jay Cassidy and Alice Moorcroft in a world tainted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Jay and Alice had very little in common; they were from different generations, had different sexual preferences and had very different opinions on life but sometimes the most unlikely of friendships can blossom in the most unexpected of ways.
This is Calvin Wade’s fifth fictional novel following on from two Amazon UK Top20 ebooks, ‘Forever Is Over’ and ‘Waiting For The Bee Stings’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Kiss My Name’ and ‘Living On A Rainbow’.

My Thoughts:

Calvin Wade is an author who deserves way more acclaim than he gets. Having read nearly all of his books, I can’t recommend them enough as they are so good.

In the author’s latest standalone novel, we meet Jay and Alice. Jay is recently widowed and is trying to come to terms with the loss of his wife along with bringing up his teenage son, Hunter. Alice is Hunter’s, best friend’s older sister who is eighteen. These two characters strike up a friendship of which you wouldn’t think would work but it does and was wonderful to read.

Jay is like a favourite uncle to Alice. They never really had anything to do with other before Jay’s wife died but find themselves taking the same commute every morning and start chatting and really getting to know each other. Alice is at an age where she is still finding herself but I loved her personality as well as how she tries to mother Jay. Jay is just an absolute sweetheart and is one of the good guys in life.

Set in and around the current pandemic, the author doesn’t go into the actual nitty gritty of it all but it’s there in the background. The story focuses on alternating chapters between these two characters as they deal with the things that are going on in their life. Some parts are funny, some upsetting, but overall it is a sweet and emotional read that offers hope.

Our Broken Fairytale is yet another winning read by this author. I love his style of writing as it’s if the characters are bearing their souls to the readers and you really get involved with their lives and care about them. It’s the characters that bring each of this author’s stories to life and they stay with you long after you’ve finished the book. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading this author’s books, then I can’t urge you enough to give them a go. You will be so glad you did.

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