Crying Shame by M.A.Comley @ComleyMel

Book Description:

Loved by his community. Savagely bludgeoned to death.

The first in a string of brutal murders rock the city. For DI Katy Foster and her team, time is running out to catch the sadistic killer.

The crimes are disturbing. The evidence isn’t adding up. And the latest victim’s family are nowhere to be seen.
Their only lead, a mysterious caller who proclaims to have known all the victims.

From NY Times bestselling author who brought you the Justice Series, M.A. Comley now brings you Crying Shame, the fifth book in this police procedural spin-off series, an often gut-wrenching read, a novel not to be missed.

My Thoughts:

Katy and Charlie are back with another spate of crimes that soon become apparent are race related. Racism is certainly not an easy topic to stomach, more so in today’s world but yet sadly is still as rife as ever. Am glad that the author has written a storyline that covers it though as I hope it will change some people’s outlook and make them think twice about how they think.

The murders are shocking and upsetting, not just for the families but for the team working on the case. The author counters this though with a couple of familiar faces that bring a bit of comfort and light to this otherwise dark and disturbing read.

Crying Shame is a gripping read that covers a subject that is very much happening in today’s world. This does make it a slightly sombre read but the author delivers on the chills whilst the pacing was strong and steady, increasing with each chapter until she turns up the throttle and has you hurdling towards the ending. A grippingly good crime thriller!

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