I Can See You (DI Sara Ramsey Book 14) by M.A. Comley @ComleyMe

Book Description:

A tortured mind. A deadly endgame. A city brought to its knees.

The bodies are stacking up for DI Sara Ramsey and her team. Resources are stretched thin, every clue leads to another dead end, and according to the evidence: the nightmare has only just begun.

Can Sara beat the killer at his own murderous game, or must she call his bluff and risk everything to win?

From the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author who brought you the Justice Series, M.A. Comley presents I Can See You! A fearsome new Police Procedural delivering an all-new thrilling dose from an author who has sold nearly four million copies worldwide.

My Thoughts:

I can’t believe we are onto the 14th book in the series! It doesn’t seem like 2 minutes ago since I started reading this new series. Goes to show how much I am enjoying it though and am already on tenterhooks for the next one.

We have a callous serial killer at large who has no conscience at all. Whilst the reader knows from the start who the killer is, Sara and her team, don’t. There is no obvious connection with the first few victims but Sara goes with her gut instinct on this one to help to solve it. I am a strong believer in going with your gut instinct as it has never let me down yet and with some cases for Sara, if the evidence isn’t always there, it has to be one of the next best things.

The one thing that really hit me yet again with detective books, is the horrible job of informing family members of a death of a love one. Yes the police have family liaison officers that are experienced in the field but for the officers that deliver the shocking blow, I doubt it gets any easier. I really felt for Sara and Clara in this book as their jobs are made twice as hard with the body count building up.

I Can See You was both a chilling and heart-breaking read that I devoured in two sittings. Sometimes I have a certain amount of sympathy for killers in crime novels due to their background or lifestyle but I found myself having none this time round. My sympathy was saved for the people who deserved it like the poor families left behind as well as the team working on the case. With each murder it got more brutal and in some respects the conclusion made for some very satisfactory reading indeed. A fast paced, thrill fest of a story!

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