The Silent Friend by Diane Jeffrey @dianefjeffrey @HQstories

Today I am thrilled to be re-sharing my review for The Silent Friend by Diane Jeffrey to celebrate the release of the paperback edition.

Book Description:

Tragedy brought them together. The truth will tear them apart.

It’s supposed to be Laura’s dream holiday: a trip to France with a group of friends to see their favourite band play live. But the holiday quickly turns to disaster, and Laura is left haunted by terrifying images from the worst night of her life.
When Laura finds an online support group for victims like her, she’s not convinced it will help. But then Sandrine replies to her message, and she seems to understand what Laura’s going through, in a way that no one else can.
Soon, Laura and Sandrine are sharing their deepest thoughts and feelings with each other. But one of them has a terrible secret – she isn’t who she says she is. And once the twisted truth is revealed, there’s no going back…

My Thoughts:

This is one of those books that the less you know about the storyline, the better.

I have to admit that what I got from this book was different from what I was expecting. There are some secrets and lies but it didn’t feel like a psychological thriller. I’ve seen some others liken it more to a drama, maybe a psychological drama might be a better representation? Either way though, it is a brilliant read and one I will be recommending to everyone.

The story flicks between the two main characters Laura and Sandy. I found myself warm to both women very quickly. Their lives are turned upside down after a tragic event, of which my heart went out to them both. It is a story that I think will give the reader much food for thought. When you read it for yourself you will understand. I liked how the whole storyline played out and the epilogue was all that I had hoped it to be. I’m sorry if I’m being quite vague but less really is more with this book.

The Silent Friend is one powerful and gut punching read. The horrors of the event that bring the two main characters in to contact, wow, just wow! I kept having to remind myself to breath as I felt like I was there seeing it all for myself. My emotions were all over the place as I tried to put myself into both women’s shoes. If you only read one book this year, then this one has to be it. Breath-taking!

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