Persecution (DI Charley Mann Crime Thrillers Book 3) by R.C. Bridgestock @RCBridgestock @canelo_co

Book Description:

Lock your windows. Lock your door. And don’t look outside…

At the local university a series of incidents is raising alarm. Someone is breaking into students bedrooms through the windows.

But things get even more serious when a corpse is discovered on the outskirts of town. DI Charley Mann, dealing with her own problems, is drafted in to investigate. At first there doesn’t seem to be a connection, but Charley suspects otherwise.

Following the evidence draws Charley into a web of shady local characters struggling at the margins. It seems the break-ins are no random event. Worse, more lives are at stake.

On her own, and facing a stand off, Charley will have to find a way through. It’s either that, or more people will die…

An extraordinary crime thriller from the UK’s leading police storyline consultants for major TV series, this is a deeply researched and nail-biting novel. Perfect for fans of UnforgottenHappy Valley and Mark Billingham.

My Thoughts:

Charley is back in the third book in the series of which is set in Yorkshire. Living in Yorkshire myself, this is just another of the many reasons why I enjoy these novels.

The opening of the story is enough to make anyone’s hairs stand on end. I won’t go into any detail but lets just say I wrapped my cardigan around me that bit more tighter before walking around the house to make sure all the windows and doors were securely closed! The break in’s into student’s bedrooms are not your typical break in with burglary in mind, this perpetrator has something a lot more sinister in mind!

I am really enjoying getting to know Charley and the rest of the team better with each book in the series. The fact that the authors have first hand experience of what work goes on in the police force as well as into a case, brings the characters and story lines very much to life and can be a real eye opener. I think due to this I find the investigation side of things even more fascinating.

Persecution grabs hold of it’s reader tightly from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the very last page. There are many hair raising moments through out that had me gripped to the pages ensuring my focus was fully on the story, with the rest of the world forgotten about outside. Page turningly good!

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