The Artisan (A DI Erica Swift Thriller Book 3) by M K Farrar @MarissaFarrar

Book Description:

He considers himself an artist…

His medium is murder.

Someone is killing young women, strangling them in their beds, and arranging their bodies in a certain way after death.

The police have no witnesses and the killer has left no clues. When a second victim is discovered, DI Erica Swift finds herself on the hunt for another serial killer…

Lara Maher is living with a man who controls her every move. He treats her like a precious possession, and their shared past ties her to him. But now something has changed, and his increasingly volatile moods terrify her…

As the rate of the murders increases, Erica needs to work fast to prevent him from killing again.

One thing she does know is that he likes young, professional, blonde women.

Women just like Erica….

Will she risk her own life to stop him when she’s already lost so much, or is there another woman out there who can help?

My Thoughts:

The story starts off quite creepily with a woman waking up in her home to find an intruder there. If anything this particular case that Erica is working on will have you triple checking your windows and doors and wondering what household item would work best as a weapon if needed to defend yourself. Think I will be sleeping with one eye open after reading this book!

Erica is doing her best to juggle work and her home life and not always getting it right. The type of job she has is demanding as well as it sometimes puts her in dangerous situations. Throughout this series so far it has never failed to have my heart in my mouth wondering whether Erica has bitten off more than she can chew.

There are some nice little twists and turns in the story so that as a reader, you will never get complacent as the author will have you well and truly on your toes with never quite knowing what is in store, not only for the characters but for the readers themselves.

The Artisan whilst mainly can be read as a standalone, does work best when read in order as there are references to previous events. Things are certainly not as straight cut as they first appear which will have the reader wholly engrossed. Along with the twists and turns, the pacing adds to the tension which makes this a gripping crime thriller and a series that’s not be missed!

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