Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent @penguinrandom @lizzienugent

Book Description:

Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller!

‘My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it.’


Lydia Fitzsimons lives in the perfect house with her adoring husband and beloved son.

There is just one thing Lydia yearns for to make her perfect life complete, though the last thing she expects is that pursuing it will lead to murder. However, needs must – because nothing can stop this mother from getting what she wants…

My Thoughts:

My goodness what a mother Lydia is! I wanted to try and feel some sort of empathy for this woman but the more I read, the more I grew in my dislike for her. She is manipulative and cold hearted, stopping at nothing to get what she wants.

The story alternates between Lydia, her son Laurence and Karen who is searching for her missing sister. Laurence and Karen are the characters who were the ones I had empathy for. Karen is desperate for answers surrounding her missing sister and is going through her own personal stuff. Laurence, my heart really went out to him. His mother’s relationship with him is quite toxic and he is tied to the apron strings and she will do anything to make sure these ties do not get cut.

This is one warped and twisted read that had me on edge and had me going through an array of emotions. Mainly anger at Lydia and the lengths she will go to, to keep the home she lives in as well as her son. I don’t think I was ready for the extent of how far she will go but it shocked me to the core. The author weaves an enthralling story that deals with, toxic relationships, mental health, bullying and obesity for starters. She really gets deep into the readers minds and takes them to a dark and chilling place.

Lying in Wait pulled me in with the shocking start and held on tight right up until a gut punching ending. I’m still reeling at how it all ends of which if you have read the book for yourself then you will know what I mean. If you haven’t read it, then hold on tight as you are in for one seriously messed up ride. A disturbingly good read!

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