The Anniversary by Laura Marshall @laurajm8 @Kirsteenastor @BooksSphere

Book Description:


They thought the killer had no motive. But these murders are not what they seem . . .

On 15th June 1994, Travis Green – husband, father, upstanding citizen – walked through the streets of Hartstead and killed eleven of his neighbours. The last victim was little Cassie Colman’s father.

As the twenty-five-year anniversary approaches, Cassie tries to forget the past – even as her mother struggles to remember it at all. Then something hidden in her mother’s possessions suggests the murders were not what everyone believes.

Cassie can’t stop herself from digging up the past. But someone will do anything to keep it buried . . .

My Thoughts:

This was such an engrossing read! Why would a man kill eleven random strangers? Whilst the story is set in present day with our protagonist Cassie, I was very eager to find out more about what happened years before.

Of course not everyone wants the past raking up even to a certain extent Cassie herself. She has lived her life with the stigma of her dad being one of the victims and everyone automatically feeling sorry for her. I really felt for Cassie, single and mother to a young baby who moves back in with her mother who is suffering with dementia. Her life couldn’t be anymore complicated yet it’s about to get even more so!

I enjoyed this cast of characters which the author has you eyeing suspicion on quite a few of them so I wasn’t sure who to trust. Even right up until the end I was still struggling with who I thought could be trusted or not and of course had totally gotten it wrong. The author also kept me on edge as to what really did happen all those years before and I have to say, wow! I so didn’t see that coming!

The Anniversary immediately drew me in and kept hold and when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. I was desperate to know the truth and when it all comes out, it didn’t disappoint. I can’t believe I haven’t read anything else by this author of which I will be doing after this gripping story. An edge of your seat read that will consume you until you have turned the very last page!

My thanks to Sphere Books for a readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

3 thoughts on “The Anniversary by Laura Marshall @laurajm8 @Kirsteenastor @BooksSphere”

  1. This is the same author that wrote Friend Request isn’t it? I loved that book, so would probably read anything else she wrote. Have you read her previous books and how do you think this compares? It certainly sounds good.


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