A Terrible Kindness by Jo Browning Wroe @FaberBooks @JoBrowningWroe

Book Description:

When we go through something impossible, someone, or something, will help us, if we let them . . .

It is October 1966 and William Lavery is having the night of his life at his first black-tie do. But, as the evening unfolds, news hits of a landslide at a coal mine. It has buried a school: Aberfan.

William decides he must act, so he stands and volunteers to attend. It will be his first job as an embalmer, and it will be one he never forgets.

His work that night will force him to think about the little boy he was, and the losses he has worked so hard to forget. But compassion can have surprising consequences, because – as William discovers – giving so much to others can sometimes help us heal ourselves.

My Thoughts:

The start of this story has got to be one of the most powerful I have ever read. I was literally moved to tears as newly qualified embalmer William, goes above and beyond when a huge tragedy befalls Aberfan. There are some things you read that have such an impact that they stay with you and I know this book will be one of them.

Even though William is only a young man when we meet him, the story goes back to when he was at school and what life was like for him growing up. There are some special bonds like the one with his school friend Martin and his uncle Robert and his partner Howard. Things aren’t all straight forward though and what follows was an endearing and heartfelt read.

A Terrible Kindness is a story with a deeper meaning. For me it was about not letting the past consume you and carrying on living your life to the fullest. No one knows what the future holds apart from that none of us are going to make it out of here alive, so grab happiness whilst you can. William is a wonderful character who along with quite a few of the other characters, stole a piece of my heart. A gentle, yet powerful read that grabs hold and doesn’t let go!

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