A Mother’s Story by Amanda Prowse @MrsAmandaProwse

Book Description:

From million-copies-sold author Amanda Prowse, the queen of heartbreak fiction.

Amanda Prowse is the author of The Coordinates Of Loss and the no.1 bestsellers Perfect DaughterMy Husband’s Wife and What Have I Done?

I deserve all this because I did the worst thing a woman can do. The very worst.

Jessica’s wedding was like a fairytale. Her dress strewn with crystals. Her dad made a tearful speech. Her husband Matthew declared himself the luckiest man alive.

But when their beautiful baby girl is born, Jessica is gripped by panic. She can’t tell anyone how she feels. Even when her life starts to spiral out of control…

This is her story. A mother’s story.

My Thoughts:

This was a hard story to read. Not because it wasn’t good, because it is good. Powerfully so. It deals with post natal depression and it made my heart break so many times.

Jessica and Matt are insanely loved up and happy when we meet them. I couldn’t imagine anything changing that. Upcoming parenthood of course has you excited as well as anxious and it was lovely to see this couple all ready to welcome their child into the world. Sadly the unexpected joy of becoming a mother is squashed with feelings that Jessica had never expected to feel.

Gosh, I felt like I was hit with wave after wave of emotions reading of the thoughts that were running through Jessica’s head and how everyone around her was trying to help her and Matt and their little family. The author writes confidently and was empathetic when it came to the characters. I loved their friend Polly as she brought some light into the story and any girl who has a best friend like her would be extremely lucky.

A Mother’s Story is an emotionally gripping read that had me feeling so much empathy for what each of the characters were going through. Post natal depression doesn’t just affect the person suffering with it but also the people around them. I have to applaud the author for raising awareness on the subject and am sure it will no doubt help give people a better understanding. This was such a raw and moving novel and would give it a hundred stars if I was able to.

3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Story by Amanda Prowse @MrsAmandaProwse”

  1. I saw this one in the library this morning, couldn’t decide if I wanted to pick it up or not… and I’m even less sure now. I’m not sure my heart and anxiety could take it


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