The Mini-Break by Maddie Please @MaddiePlease1 @0neMoreChapter_

Book Description:

Sometimes you just need to get away…

Lulu has it all; a romance writer at the height of her career, she can often be found attending glittery parties or spending time with her good-looking, health-fanatic boyfriend, Benedict.
When writer’s block strikes she goes on a mini-break to Devon, which proves just the tonic she needs. But upon her return to London, she finds her usual perfect life in chaos.
Will escaping back to the countryside be the answer? And will life become even more complicated when Lulu runs into handsome, brooding farmer Joe?
A funny, feel-good and fabulous read that will take you on a trip you never knew you needed. Have you packed…?

My Thoughts:

Louisa, otherwise known as Lulu under her pen name, goes away on a bit of a writing retreat with her sister who is also an author to Devon. The idyllic get-away they had envisioned turns out not quite to be what they had expected when the house they are staying in is in the middle of nowhere with no shops or amenities to be seen. Not to mention the lack of phone signal and wi-fi!

Whilst their first impressions of their get-away in Devon isn’t a great one, it isn’t long before it starts holding more of an attraction. Well for Louisa anyway in the form of the local farmer. I have to say I fell in love with the place straight away as there is something appealing of living somewhere in the countryside where there is peace and quiet instead of all the hustle and bustle from a city. As with Louisa, I fell more and more in love with the area and the majority of the characters. There are a couple of less likeable ones but will let others discover them for themselves.

Louisa is a great protagonist and she had me laughing at some of the embarrassing situations she seems to find herself in. One of the things in particular I love about this author’s novels is that the main characters are all so wonderful and relatable. It’s what keeps me coming back to read more of her books.

The Mini-Break is the perfect book to escape in to. Whether you are by the pool, at the beach, sunbathing in the back garden, or even curled up on the sofa! It’s a great read that can be enjoyed at anytime of the year. This is the third book I have read of the author’s now and already I am a huge fan and can’t wait to read more. If you love an easy going read with idyllic locations and some laugh out loud moments, then you need to add this author and books to your to be read pile.

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