A Little Hope by Ethan Joella @MuswellPress @JoellaWriting @Brownlee_Donald

Book Description:

In the small town of Wharton, Connecticut, lives are beginning to unravel. A husband betrays his wife. A son struggles with addiction. A widow misses her late spouse. At the heart of these interlinking stories is one couple: Freddie and Greg Tyler. Greg has just been diagnosed with a brutal form of cancer. He intends to handle this the way he has faced everything else: through grit and determination. But can he successfully overcome his illness? How will the Freddie and their daughter cope if he doesn’t? How do the other residents of Wharton learn to live with loss and find happiness again? Celebrating the grace in everyday life, this powerful debut immerses the reader in a community of friends, family, and neighbours and identifies the ways that love and forgiveness can help us survive even the most difficult of life’s challenges.

My Thoughts:

There was something about the book description that really appealed to me and had me bumping this book right up my to be read pile.

I love a small town setting and whilst there are quite a few characters in this novel, once you get to know who is who, I really settled into the story. All the characters are connected in one way or another so the story weaves between all the different threads and comes together beautifully.

The story covers so much. Illness, grief, betrayal, loss are just some of the topics that the author touches on so overall it is quite a somber read yet as the title suggests, it also offers some hope. I read the book in a day as I was eager to see how things would end for the different characters. Some of the characters and their stories stood out more than others. Not sure if it was because of how much their particular story pulled on my heart strings more than the others but I was eager to get back to them to see what was next for them. My favourite character had to be Ginger as there was something about her that resonated with me.

A Little Hope is a story that is told so gently yet quickly takes hold of you. From the first few pages I was heavily invested in the characters lives and my need to know what would happen next had me eagerly turning the pages. It’s hard to believe this is the author’s debut novel! Engrossingly beautiful! Can’t wait for more from the author.

My thanks to Muswell Press for a readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

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