Find You First by Linwood Barclay @linwood_barclay @HQDigitalUK

Book Description:

One will change your life. One will end it.
Who will … FIND YOU FIRST?

It’s a deadly race against time…

Tech billionaire Miles has more money than he can ever spend, but he can’t buy more time. Diagnosed with a terminal illness, he is forced to take a long, hard look at his past.

Somewhere out there, Miles has children who don’t know it, but they might be about to inherit the good and bad from him – possibly his fortune, or possibly something more sinister.

So, Miles decides to track them down. But a lethal killer is one step ahead of him. One by one, people are vanishing. Not just disappearing, every trace of them is wiped.

Number One Sunday Times bestseller Linwood Barclay returns with his electrifying new thriller, Find You First.

My Thoughts:

This is my second book I have read by the author and another great read!

I really took to Miles throughout this story. The thought of being diagnosed with a terminal illness is unimaginable but the fact that Miles wants to do some good before he dies was particularly humbling. The only problem is that the people he wants to help, seem to be either disappearing or dead!

Chloe is another great character in this book and I loved her attitude. It had me routing for her throughout and I found the growing bond between her and Miles endearing. It kind of humanised it more, caring about these characters which made the story even more tense as the story takes some dark and twisted turns.

Find You First is a compelling page turner that I couldn’t get enough of. The author threw curve ball after curve ball which kept me on edge and added plenty of thrills. I would love to see this as a movie, especially one particular bit which includes an RV. That would make some seriously great watching! Heartstoppingly good!

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