Kiss My Name by Calvin Wade @calvin_wade

Book Description:

On the eve of Simon Strong’s wedding day, a young woman, Flo, armed with a double barrelled shotgun, arrives at his front door. She is there to avenge the mistreatment of her best friend, Zara. Simon begs for mercy, claiming he has no knowledge of anyone called Zara. What has happened to Zara to create such an extreme reaction from her best friend?
Kiss My Name follows the lives of several characters from childhood in the 1980s to adult life in the twenty first century. As several of them gather in Blackpool, for a Stag Do and a Hen Do, mayhem ensues. Has Simon cheated on his wife to be and will he make it to the church at all?

My Thoughts:

The opening to the story grabbed hold of me straight away. Why would someone with a shotgun want to shoot someone the day before that person’s wedding day? I had some ideas in my head but I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Over the course of the story, it flicks between different characters but the main character has to be Simon. We go back to when him and his friends are children with the story alternating between past and the lead up to present day as grown ups. I loved getting to know Simon and the other characters better and I had such a soft spot for Simon himself as he is such a lovely guy. Some may think he is boring and safe but compared to others in this book, he is a saint!

I am a huge fan of this author’s books and they have never given me any other reason but to champion them as they are so very good. There is so much packed into this book of which at over 500 pages, for me it was still too short as I loved being part of these characters lives. It was so very bitter sweet as I didn’t want it to end.

Kiss My Name was a wonderfully compelling story that wouldn’t let me go. I love how the author writes with so much emotion yet brings so much humour into it also. One minute I would be close to tears the next I would be chuckling away to myself. Calvin Wade has yet again taken me on a heart-warming yet entertaining journey and I really can’t recommend this author and his novels highly enough. A beautiful, beautiful story of life, death, love and everything in between!

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