You Saw Too Much by Jay Nadal & Adam Nicholls

Book Description:

Her life was taken from her. Now, she wants it back.

Lori had it all until that day: the perfect marriage, a job she loved, and a beautiful home in a small town. But when a tragic car wreck takes her husband’s life and leaves her hospitalized, she has to learn to live alone again. Her friends look out for her, or so they say, but they don’t believe her when she says she’s being followed.

Her counselor says she’s suffering PTSD, and her sister says she’s paranoid. But Lori knows herself better than anyone else does, and she’s certain someone is watching her. What she doesn’t know is why, but she’ll do anything to find out–even if it costs her life.

Tormented by nightmares, mood swings, and self-doubt, Lori’s life is on the brink of collapse. Every move she makes will leave you begging for the truth until the very last page in this brand-new psychological thriller full of lies and conspiracies.

My Thoughts:

I seem to have had this book sat on my Kindle forever so thought it was about time to bump it up my pile and read it. The story centres around Lori whose world is ripped apart and is trying to come to terms with her loss. She knows that deep down something more sinister is behind the accident that took her husband from her but no one believes her.

You can feel Lori’s frustration build throughout with no one taking her fears seriously. I liked Lori’s character of a vulnerable yet strong willed woman whose fight for justice gives her something to focus on. The book has a small town feel and the cast of characters is relatively small.

You Saw Too Much is a crime thriller that whilst it doesn’t throw out any real surprises, it’s still a solid read that kept me entertained. It’s a bit like a David and Goliath story with Lori having everything fall on her shoulders as the more she learns, the less people believe her which leaves her with no choice but to try and solve this particular crime for herself. I believe this is the first book to feature Lori. Am not quite sure where the story will go from here as everything is wrapped up nicely but will be interesting to see what is next in store for her.

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