No Secrets by David Jackson @Author_Dave @ViperBooks

Book Description:


You can’t lie to Izzy Lambert. Her highly developed empathic abilities allow her to read people’s emotions with terrifying accuracy – and consequences. As a child her insights sparked her parents’ divorce. As an adult she avoids getting too close to people for fear of what she might learn.

But now young girls are going missing in her town. The police have no suspects but, seeing her old school caretaker interviewed on the news about the story, Izzy comes to a chilling realisation: he knows where the missing girls are. When the police won’t take her seriously despite the lives at stake, she will risk everything to uncover the truth.

My Thoughts:

Izzy is someone who has a bit of a gift. What some would call a very good intuition. She knows when someone is lying or not which has got her into some uncomfortable situations in the past and is about to get her into a whole lot of trouble in the here and now. When she sees the caretaker of her old school on television and knows he is lying about the disappearance of a school girl, Izzy becomes like a dog with a bone and she won’t let it go which doesn’t go down to well with the people around her.

I like Izzy and you have to give her ten out of ten for persistence. Even with no one taking her seriously, she is determined to not give up. I enjoyed the parts with her and Josh who is a police officer and a genuinely nice guy. Some may say Izzy’s gift is a curse but I felt it helped her have a better understanding of people of which some parts were rather emotional.

No Secrets was another guaranteed page turner of a read by the author. He creates the best protagonists which has the reader routing for them throughout. The story is a bit like a cat and mouse chase of which you think you know exactly what is going to happen only for things to take different turns which kept me on the edge of my seat. As I have come to expect from this author, there are some great twists that I didn’t see coming and overall this was an exhilarating thrill fest of a read.

My thanks to Viper Books for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

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