What You Wish For by Mark Edwards @mredwards

Book Description:

Marie Walker has vanished from the face of the earth…

Her besotted boyfriend, newspaper photographer Richard Thompson, vows to find her, convinced that Marie’s unusual beliefs hold the key.

But a shocking discovery makes him question if he ever really knew his girlfriend. And when people around him start to die, Richard is plunged into terrible danger.

Drawn into the world of a sinister cult and the darkest corners of the Internet, Richard finds himself increasingly out of his depth as he discovers just how far people will go to protect what they believe in…

Revised edition: This edition of What You Wish For includes editorial revisions.

My Thoughts:

Whilst this is still very much a psychological thriller, it’s quite different to the author’s other books.

Marie, Richard’s girlfriend, believes in aliens. I know there are people out there that do believe in this sort of thing but I have to say I was more on the same wave length as Richard who is much more of a doubter. The storyline is a little bit out there but it is more of a cult thing which certainly gives this particular story more of an edge.

It’s Richard’s obsession with his girlfriend and not being able to let her just go that moves the story on with a fast pace. I mean would any of us on returning home one day and finding your partner has literally disappeared into thin air, just let it go? The need to know of why and where was strong and I was intrigued as to where the author was going with the story. Had Marie in fact been visited by aliens and gone to outer space, was she dead, or had she just had enough and decided she wanted to be on her own?

What You Wish For whilst yes it is a little bit out there, the twists and turns the story takes made this a compulsive read. I really wasn’t sure how it was all going to end but have to say the conclusion was better than I had hoped for and it left me with the adrenaline coursing through me at having read such a thrilling book where there literally is never a dull moment!

1 thought on “What You Wish For by Mark Edwards @mredwards”

  1. Hi. I’ve just found your blog. Lovely! I read this review/post based on the cover. I agree, aliens isn’t your typical psychological thriller, but now, I’m intrigued. Adding to my TBR list. Thanks!

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