The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh @claremackint0sh @BooksSphere

Book Description:


On New Year’s Eve, Rhys Lloyd has a house full of guests.

His lakeside holiday homes are a success, and he’s generously invited the village to drink champagne with their wealthy new neighbours. This will be the party to end all parties.

But not everyone is there to celebrate. By midnight, Rhys will be floating dead in the freezing waters of the lake.

On New Year’s Day, DC Ffion Morgan has a village full of suspects.

The tiny community is her home, so the suspects are her neighbours, friends and family – and Ffion has her own secrets to protect.

With a lie uncovered at every turn, soon the question isn’t who wanted Rhys dead . . . but who finally killed him.

In a village with this many secrets, a murder is just the beginning.

My Thoughts:

This author is one that I never read the description of the book as, as long as it’s got her name on it, I want to read it. Needless to say I was slightly surprised to find that this novel is the first book in a series featuring DC Ffion Morgan. Not that it isn’t a good thing as it is, just caught me out as had been expecting another standalone novel.

Ffion is an interesting character as it’s obvious from the start she has something to hide. With someone in her capacity, it had my mind whirling around as to what that could be. She is teamed up with Leo of which neither are happy to be working alongside each other and this makes the story even more enthralling. I enjoyed getting to know both characters and it’s made me eager to read more.

The small setting worked really well and also gives the reader lots of options as to who could have killed the victim, Rhys. There’s plenty of reasons why many of the residents would want him dead as the further Ffion and Leo dig, the more we find about the man and in all honesty, I found my empathy fading the more I learned about him.

The Last Party is a murder mystery that will have you gripped with all the twists and turns that the story takes. There were plenty of surprises in store and just as you think you have it sussed, the author throws in another curve ball that kept me turning the pages. I thought this was a really good start to a new series and I hope it isn’t too long before the next one is out. A page turner that’s packed full of suspense!

My thanks to Sphere and NetGalley for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

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