A Year of New Adventures by Maddie Please @MaddiePlease1 @0neMoreChapter_

Book Description:

It’s time for Billie Summers to have an adventure … but it might not be exactly what she expected.
Billie Summers has always been quite content in her little cottage in the Cotswolds. Sure, half the house hasn’t been renovated, but what’s the point when it’s only her? Working part-time at her uncle’s bookshop and planning writer retreats with her best friend allows her to pay the bills. What more could anyone want?

That is until Oliver Forest, the bad boy of the book world, turns up to one of her retreats and points out that Billie hasn’t done anything very adventurous. Couple that with her best friend falling head over heels and beginning to drift away from their Friday night wine and dinner plans, Billie is starting to wonder if it isn’t time she took control of her life.

So she starts a list: get fitted (properly) for a bra, fix up rest of house, find a ‘career’ and well, get a tattoo … Her life might just get the makeover it needs, too bad irritating and far-too-attractive for his own good, Oliver keeps showing up …

Because sometimes you need an adventure!

My Thoughts:

Oh my goodness this book was so much fun!

Billie is just the most wonderful character and I absolutely adored her! She is single and works a few jobs to make ends meet of which one is running a writing retreat with her best friend. There is a real mixed bunch of people at the writing retreat where we first meet them all. I loved getting to know them all although Oliver is quite pompous and bad tempered yet Billie can’t seem to stop herself from developing a bit of a crush on him of which she lets her imagination go running wild!

Whilst this maybe a romance story, it’s also about Billie taking chances and pushing herself out of her comfort zone which result in some laugh out loud moments. The bad boy image that Oliver portrays had me going weak at the knees and I could feel the chemistry between both Oliver and Billie jumping out of the pages. I was also drooling at the mouth with all the wonderful mention of all the dishes that Billie prepares for her guests. Would certainly not recommend reading this on an empty stomach!

A Year of New Adventures is an immensely enjoyable read which had me laughing at Billie’s misfortunes. I just love this author’s story telling and have now nearly devoured all of her books since I came across them. They are highly entertaining, set in picturesque locations with the most relatable protagonists. What’s not to love? This one had me wanting to sign up to a writing retreat in the hope that I could experience the culinary joy that the guests in this book did as well as maybe have an Oliver of my own to swoon over. Don’t tell the hubby! A wonderfully fun read.

2 thoughts on “A Year of New Adventures by Maddie Please @MaddiePlease1 @0neMoreChapter_”

  1. I really enjoy Maddie Please’s books, but have not read this one yet. Thanks for this review, I am adding this one to my TBR shelf. I love to laugh and this sounds like it will do that nicely.

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