The House Guest by Mark Edwards @mredwards

Book Description:

A perfect summer. A perfect stranger. A perfect nightmare.

When British twenty-somethings Ruth and Adam are offered the chance to spend the summer housesitting in New York, they can’t say no. Young, in love and on the cusp of professional success, they feel as if luck is finally on their side.

So the moment that Eden turns up on the doorstep, drenched from a summer storm, it seems only right to share a bit of that good fortune. Beautiful and charismatic, Eden claims to be a friend of the homeowners, who told her she could stay whenever she was in New York.

They know you’re not supposed to talk to strangers—let alone invite them into your home—but after all, Eden’s only a stranger until they get to know her.

As suspicions creep in that Eden may not be who she claims to be, they begin to wonder if they’ve made a terrible mistake…

My Thoughts:

To start with, I loved the idea of house sitting for friends, more so as this house is in New York! The further into the story I got though, I soon changed my mind!

I have to say how trusting Adam and his wife Ruth are. I’m not too sure if I would willingly let a stranger into the house regardless of them saying they knew the owners. Eden though seems nice and it isn’t long before they all hit it off. Whilst they go about their everyday life, alarm bells kept ringing in my ears that it was only a matter of time before something bad happens. I kept shouting in my head warning the characters to be careful.

I can’t say much more about the storyline apart from things take a dark turn and I was kept guessing as to what was to come. The story starts to ramp up pace with you not knowing who you can trust.

The House Guest was a thrilling and engrossing read that had me on edge throughout. The New York setting adds a sinister feeling to the story as whilst it might be a thriving city, danger can lurk round every corner. There is also a built up of suspense as the reader doesn’t quite know what is instore for this couple and it proves to be a chilling story that has the adrenaline racing through you. Another great read by the author!

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