The In-Laws by James Caine

Book Description:

She visited them for the weekend. Now they won’t let her leave.

Chelsea Jameson married the perfect husband, but he doesn’t like to talk about his past.

She finds out why when his parents invite them to stay at their off-the-grid cabin in the woods.

His mother dominates his life, even though her only son is in his thirties. Her mother-in-law creates conflict and tries to manipulate her husband against Chelsea.

When Chelsea discovers more about her husband’s parents, dark family secrets are unearthed, revealing the truth. This is not a regular visit to the in-laws.

Isolated and in the middle of nowhere, Chelsea needs to play their game if she wants to survive her visit.

The In-Laws is a page-turning psychological thriller that will have you guessing till the very end.

My Thoughts:

Chelsea and Henry haven’t been married very long, in fact it’s been a bit of a whirlwind romance but they are very loved up and it’s time for Chelsea to meet her in-laws. Henry’s parents live very much off the grid. Whilst I liked the idea of being self sufficient, I don’t think I could live like that for long. I would miss my home comforts far too much! Also with their cabin being hidden deep in the woods, it felt far too isolated for my liking.

Arthur and Martha, Henry’s parents, I had mixed feeling when we first meet them. I could kind of understand they may also have mixed reservations when it comes to their daughter-in-law but their actions at times had me fear for Chelsea and I was hoping as much as her that the weekend would go quickly and she could get back to civilisation.

In a way this story felt a mix of horror as well as psychological thriller. I can’t say too much why without giving spoilers but what I will say is that there are a few nasty surprises not just for Chelsea but for the reader also. It sure does get the heart racing that’s for sure!

The In-Laws is my first book by the author and at just under two hundred pages, it makes for a relatively quick read. The storyline has you turning the pages with increased speed as to what will happen next. I could easily see this being made into a movie. Certain aspects of the story felt a little bit stretched but overall it was an enjoyable read and would definitely read more by the author.

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