Before We Grow Old by Clare Swatman @clareswatman @BoldwoodBooks

Book Description:

When seven-year-old Fran first met Will they knew instantly that they were made for each other. For eleven years they were inseparable, but then, at the age of eighteen, Will just upped and disappeared.

Twenty-five years later Will is back.

Is fate trying to give them a second chance?

Still nursing the heart break from all those years ago, Fran is reluctant to give Will the time of day. The price Will must pay is to tell the truth – the truth about why he left, the truth about why he’s back…

And Fran has her own secrets to hide. The time has come to decide what Fran and Will really want from life – before it’s too late.

Unashamedly romantic, Before We Grow Old is a book full of love, laughter and tears, and you’ll be rooting for Fran and Will from the moment you meet them. Let Clare Swatman whisk you away for the love story of the year. Perfect for fans of Sophie Cousens and Isabelle Broom.

My Thoughts:

I loved the closeness between Fran and Will not just when they were children but also when they meet again as adults. This is not just love, this is proper soul mate love. The connection between the two was all consuming and I was captured by their story.

Things aren’t plain sailing when it comes to these two characters. Both are hiding secrets of which are like bombshells hitting when revealed and it makes for an emotional read at times. Whilst this may be a love story, I also loved the bond between Fran and her best friend Mags and Will and his younger brother Jim. I think the closeness of these characters was so special and lovely to read.

Before We Grow Old ultimately for me is about living your life and making the most of it. It shows us that life really is too short to ever have regrets and to waste time on holding grudges. This was such a sweet and heart-warming story but also highly emotional. I spent at least the second half of the book swapping between smiling and crying. Fran and Will’s story will steal your heart. They are characters I know that I will remember for a long time to come. A beautiful story!

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