Killing Time by Stephen Leather @stephenleather

Book Description:

Serial killers never retire. They just go on hiatus. The urge to kill is always there, bubbling below the surface.

Billy and Charlie thought their killing days were behind them. They used to be prolific life-takers, but old age finally caught up with them.

Now they are ending their days in a dismal nursing home in Blackpool, with only their memories to keep them going. Memories of murder and mutilation.

But when Archie turns up at the home, everything changes. Archie is a breath of fresh air and he puts new life into Billy and Charlie – and before long they realise that it’s time to start killing again.

My Thoughts:

I’ve enjoyed this author’s books for a while now but have to say I absolutely loved the sound of this one and couldn’t wait to read it. I enjoyed it that much I ended up reading it in one evening as I couldn’t out it down.

The story takes place in a nursing home for the elderly. It is a pretty bleak setting and have to say it will put you off getting older! Prisoners are treat better than they do in this home! Sadly you hear too many stories of staff abusing and bullying residents and unfortunately there is one despicable member of staff who really wound me up throughout and what I would have loved to have done to them if I could have got my hands on them!

You’re not supposed to like serial killers are you? It’s hard not to like Billy and Charlie when we meet them. Especially when Archie comes along. These three have some great banter and get up to a lot of mischief. In fact a lot of the story is filled with these three bonding and going on little escapades. It does suddenly get a lot darker though and my opinions started to waver.

Killing Time was a seriously addictive page turner that I didn’t put down until I turned the last page. At just over two hundred pages it made for relatively quick read. More so as the storyline was so good. This is a little different to the authors other books but highly entertaining with some unexpected twists and turns. A must read for lovers of serial killers especially.

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