Keeping a Christmas Promise by Jo Thomas @RandomTTours @TransworldBooks @jo_thomas01

Book Description:

A Christmas to remember for a friend they’ll never forget

Four friends
Twenty-five years ago, Freya and her three best friends created a bucket list. The future seemed bright, full of hope and most importantly guaranteed . . .

One promise
Now they are travelling to Iceland in memory of the friend they’ve lost, determined to fulfil her dream of seeing the Northern Lights at Christmas.

A life-changing adventure
They didn’t count on an avalanche leaving them stranded! Handsome local, Pétur, comes to the rescue, showing them how the community survives the hard winter. With Christmas approaching, Freya and her friends throw themselves into the festivities, decorating and cooking for the villagers using delicious local ingredients.

But will the Northern Lights appear so they can honour their friend’s wish? And can Freya’s own dreams come true, this Christmas?

My Thoughts:

The setting of Iceland was so perfect for this story. It did give me shivers at times though with how cold it is for the characters and a reminder of whilst how beautiful snow can look, with the added low temperatures, it can also be quite dangerous. Yes, don’t worry, I didn’t read the wrong book, whilst this is an uplifting read with some romance, the weather plays a part in the story.

This is a bitter sweet read. Three friends who come to see the Northern Lights in memory of the friend they have lost. Much has changed for these women in their lives since they first met. Whilst the story mainly focuses on Freya, you still got a good sense of the others and what they all mean to each other. Things don’t quite go as planned on their trip which causes some friction but ultimately a reminder of what is important in life.

Keeping a Christmas Promise is a wonderful, wintery read best enjoyed snuggled up in your favourite reading place! With all the hot weather we have currently been having, I was envious of the cold setting of Iceland and of the time of year. I loved the small community feel with everyone looking out for each other. The storyline is a good reminder of never losing sight of what you want from life as well as being kind and helping others. I was swept up in the story and was in no rush to finish it as I was enjoying it so much. A captivating novel that will melt your heart!

My thanks to Tracy and Anne for an invite to be part of the blog tour. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

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