The Couple Upstairs by Ann Girdharry

Book Description:

The perfect home…. or the perfect nightmare?

The Couple
Ellie Mitchell is a successful writer and her husband, Rob, is a cardiac surgeon. They met after a whirlwind romance and everyone sees them as the ideal couple-happy, successful and in love.

The Lodger
Sabrina is mother to a five-year-old daughter.
A single mum who’s going through a messy divorce, Sabrina is looking for a place to stay and when the Mitchell’s offer her their downstairs apartment, it seems the perfect place to lie low and heal from her wounds.

A shocking secret…
The three of them form a friendship but all is not as it seems. As their lives become entwined, who can be trusted? Lies and terrible secrets lurk beneath the surface.

Someone has a sinister agenda and one of them must discover the truth, before the only way out is murder…

A gripping psychological thriller from an Award Winning author.

My Thoughts:

This was such a fun read! The chapters alternate between Ellie who lives with her husband Rob and Sabrina their new lodger.

Rob and Ellie are a successful couple. Rob is a heart surgeon whilst Ellie is a romance author. The pair seem loved up and are still in the honeymoon period with having a whirlwind courtship then getting married within a few months of meeting. You begin to question how well they both really know each other.

Within days of Sabrina moving in, strange things start to happen as well as things just not sitting right with not just Sabrina but Rob and Ellie also. It soon becomes apparent that all three have secrets which really ramps up the enjoyment of this novel.

The Couple Upstairs is a compulsive page turner filled with secrets and lies. There is lots going on and I could feel the adrenaline coursing through me the closer to the conclusion I got. The secrets are shocking and there are some fun twists and turns that makes this a must read for fans of psychological thrillers. My first novel by this author and will be looking out for more!

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