How To Save A Life by Clare Swatman @BoldwoodBooks @clareswatman

Book Description:

One night in December, twenty-two year old Ted Green makes his way to Waterloo Bridge. Lonely and despairing, he worries he has become a burden to his friends and family.

That same night, Marianne Cooper is running away from a party. Having found her boyfriend in a passionate clinch with someone else, Marianne can’t get away fast enough. But as she makes her way along London’s South Bank, a figure catches her eye on top of the bridge.

Then she sees him, a man she fears might make a fatal choice.

When Marianne saves Ted’s life, this night in December becomes one they’ll never forget, and what could be the start of a love story to last them a lifetime. There’s no better reason to choose life, than finding a true love to live for. But as Ted watches Marianne leave in a black taxi, all he can think is he should have asked her name.  

In a story spanning twenty years, join Ted and Marianne as they navigate life’s twists and turns, joys and heartbreaks, while all the time wondering – will fate ever bring them together again, and will true love save them both in the end… Perfect for fans of Sophie Cousens and Isabelle Broom.

My Thoughts:

Having read and loved another of this author’s books, I knew I had to read more of her novels and I’m so glad I did as it didn’t disappoint.

This is a story that had me on tenterhooks through out. This isn’t your straight forward love story. A chance meeting leaves a lasting impression on both Ted and Marianne but things are very far from straight forward when it comes to these two coming together.

The story takes us through twenty years of these two characters lives from their first meeting. From that first encounter, both their lives take a different direction. Whilst these two characters paths in life seem to be going away from each other, they actually weave in and out and you are left wondering if fate will ever give them a helping hand.

I thought the storyline to do with Ted’s mental health was important more so with how his friend Dan deals with it. It is so important to get people talking, more so men as some think it is weak to admit to suffering with depression. The author handles this topic sensitively and I personally thought she did a great job. I found the parts with Ted and Dan to be endearing as well as tugging on my emotions.

How To Save A Life sucks you in and I didn’t want to be released from it. I went through so many emotions with the characters and I think I wanted them to come together more than they did! I was on the edge of my seat as I couldn’t relax as I was desperate to know whether Ted and Marianne get their happy ever after and was constantly routing for them throughout. Of course you will need to read it for yourself to see if they do or don’t! A captivating story that readers won’t want to put down!

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