To Punish Them by M.A. Comley @ComleyMel

Book Description:

From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Justice series who has sold over four million copies worldwide to date.

Evil lies beneath…

When teacher, Fern Mitchell is reported missing, DI Sam Cobbs and her team cling to the hope that she will turn up safe. However, they’re devastated when her body is found at a popular tourist location a week later.

The investigation takes a sinister turn when a second woman turns up dead and the team uncover a crucial link between the two victims.

During one of her most complexing and frustrating cases, Sam is forced to deal with the added pressure of letting go of her past, except someone close to her has other ideas.

My Thoughts:

The author is back with the next book in her thrilling crime series that will have you guessing who is behind the killings as well as the why’s. I could never make a detective and as with previous books, I enjoy seeing how Sam and her partner work the case and home in on their culprits. It certainly makes for some exciting reading!

Along with the case, Sam is still having issues with her ex, Chris. It adds pressure on her already demanding work life having to deal with him and I had every sympathy for her trying to deal with both things. Good job she has her lovely new partner in her life as well as her good colleague and friend, Bob. Whilst Sam and Bob can have a bit of a prickly relationship at times due to both having stuff going on in their personal lives, you can see how much they both care about each other and have each others backs completely regardless of it being in or outside of work.

To Punish Them was a quick read as I literally read it in the space of one afternoon as I was so gripped. The case kept me guessing and I enjoyed the thrill of the chase in Sam and Bob caching the perpetrator. The story takes a very, and I mean a very, unexpected turn of which had my chin dropping on the floor as soon as I read it in shock. If ever a book has left you in desperate need of the next, this one is it. I’m still in shock thinking about it now and will be sitting in anticipation of news for the author’s next release in this series. Jaw droppingly good!

My thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

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