Janet Jackson’s Yorkshire B&B by Becky Papworth @beckypapworth1

Book Description:

Do you dream about running a B&B?
Meet Janet; she’s just opened one.

In this laugh out loud feelgood novel we experience what it’s like to go for your dream, what gets in your way, what you have to give up, and who has your back.
Janet Jackson has so much to juggle; a crazy family life, second -chance romance, nightmare holiday guests, can she hold it all together and live out her dream of running a successful B&B?
Stop dreaming about it Janet, go for it! That’s exactly what she did, only she couldn’t predict what would come next.
If you love to laugh at the misadventures of ‘Adrian Mole’, enjoy the dysfunctional family relationships in Marion Keyes ‘Grown Ups’ and enjoy the quirky community of ‘Virgin River,’ you’ll love ‘Janet Jackson’s Yorkshire B & B’.
Will Janet make her dream of running a B&B come true or will life get in the way? Read on and discover exactly what happens when you go for broke.

My Thoughts:

Being from Yorkshire, I had to get this book and read it after seeing the title and reading the description. Seeing mentions of places I know and have been to myself had me connect with the story even more.

I had to smile at the character’s name being Janet Jackson, the same name as the famous singer and yes it does get brought up in the story which made me laugh. I loved Janet on meeting her although I did get annoyed with how she lets people walk all over her. It’s never nice seeing someone being taken advantage of. She is far to nice for her own good. She lives with her sister Maureen as well as her daughter Chloe. Both run rings around her although Chloe at least does come in useful when it comes to getting the B&B up and running and was impressed at how good a business head she has on young shoulders.

If you have ever dreamed of running a B&B, you may well think differently after reading Janet’s experience. I love how you get to see things from the business side of things and the different types of guests who come and stay. I felt for Janet when she had guests who didn’t give two hoots about leaving the place in a mess. When you have a quick turn around and doing everything yourself, I was knackered on behalf of poor Janet!

Janet Jackson’s Yorkshire B&B is a fun and light hearted read set in a great part of England. It’s the story of one woman’s determination to follow through with something she has wanted to do for herself. Janet learns a lot from her new venture, not just about the B&B side of things but about herself and what she wants out of life. It makes for a highly entertaining read and I can’t wait to see what this debut author brings her readers next!

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