The Lightning Rod (The DI Jimmy Bliss Crime Series Book 10) by Tony J Forder @TonyJForder @lilmissmorfett

Book Description:

DI Bliss attends the aftermath of an apparent murder-suicide – but the scene tells him and his colleagues something very different occurred. Now the Peterborough Major Crimes Unit face an adversary like no other.

They have no idea why his victims had to die. They have no idea who he is. They have no idea where he might strike next – only that he will.

But while the killer is cunning, leaving no evidence for them to find, his biggest mistake might be in underestimating the team now hunting him. Because when Jimmy Bliss is on the case, all bets are off.

My Thoughts:

This author certainly knows how to grab his readers attention from the start! A murder suicide which throws doubt on a previous case as to whether it was in fact an unlawful killing. Bliss and his team are on the case and uncertain of what or who they are dealing with.

Even though Bliss is getting close, or for the police force even past, retirement age, he certainly is a bit of a hit with the ladies. Whilst he many not be the most sociable of people, he isn’t lacking when it comes to female attention. I still haven’t quite decided in my head yet what he looks like and whilst I don’t get the impression that he is anything like a silver haired fox, he has a definite charm about him and I’ve grown very fond of him myself over this series.

Don’t worry, it is very far from hearts and roses. The author has penned yet another dark and gritty story that will commandeer his readers, not letting them go for even a minute. There is the trademark banter that we have come to love between Bliss and some of his team. He is still very much a battle axe and not bothered in the slightest if he upsets the powers that be. His heart though lies in solving cases even if that means bending the rules occasionally.

The Lightening Rod will have readers racing through it’s pages to uncover the truth. For Bliss the case becomes one of a more personal nature that often leaves him in a bit of a dilemma due to his job. One thing you are always guaranteed with Bliss though is a thrilling chase and encounters with highly unlikeable characters that will make the hairs on the back of your next stand up. An engrossing crime thriller that set my heart racing!

My thanks to Donna Morfett for an invite to be part of the blog tour. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

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