THE CHARITY SHOP DETECTIVE AGENCY by Peter Boland @PeterBoland19 @JoffeBooks

Book Description:


Fiona, Sue and Daisy, three retired ladies who volunteer at the local charity shop, Dogs Need Nice Homes, can’t believe their favourite customer is dead.

Eighty-six-year-old Sarah Brown was found murdered in her hallway by her delivery man, a domino clutched in her hand — with a name scratched on it.

When another person is found dead with a domino in their hand, and with the police making no progress, the ladies will need to help unmask a serial killer. But at least they have Fiona’s scruffy-haired terrier cross to assist them.

With plenty of tea and cake along the way, and despite squabbles with their rivals, the Cats Alliance across the street, the Charity Shop Detective Agency is born.

Fans of The Thursday Murder Club, Janice Hallett, Simon Brett, Ian Moore and Sarah Yarwood-Lovett will adore this exciting new talent in cozy crime.

My Thoughts:

Having read and loved the author’s John Savage action thriller series, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this first novel in his new cozy mystery series. Whilst there is murder and mayhem in both genres, his thriller series is extremely dark, fast paced and well, plenty of action. Cozy crime tends to be slower paced with not a lot of action going on. Could the author keep me on edge and still deliver an unputdownable read? He did and he can!

Oh my! What to say about this story! We meet Fiona and her dog, Simon Le Bon, along with Daisy and Partial Sue who all work at the local charity shop that raises money to help towards rehoming dogs. The shop is also a meeting point for some of the elderly locals who can no longer go far on their own, to meet up and chat over tea and cake. I loved the community spirit as well as how strict Fiona is when it comes to making sure everyone puts their hands in their pockets for not only anything that is purchased but is also consumed on the premises.

Right from the off there was some humour and I loved the banter between the characters. Maybe it’s because I am getting older myself but it is great to see that life certainly is far from over after reaching a certain age and Fiona and her friends shine with vitality that at times even tired me out! Their imagination does go into overdrive at times which lands them in to some trouble but that just added to the fun. You have to give them ten out of ten for their enthusiasm to solve the murders. Much to the local constabulary’s annoyance.

The Charity Shop Detective Agency is a highly entertaining read that was full of surprises. I never thought that a cozy mystery could mess with my head but oh my goodness, there were so many suspects to choose from that I was accusing anyone and everyone and was completely gobsmacked when the identity of the true killer is revealed. Who knew solving mysteries could be so much fun? This first offering by the author in his new series was top notch and I have a feeling that readers have got a lot to look forward to in future novels and I can’t wait to see what trouble, sorry mystery, these ladies get caught up into next. Packed full of charm and surprises this is one story that cozy mystery fans won’t want to miss!

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