Truth or Dare (DI Sally Parker Book 8) by M.A. Comley @ComleyMel

Book Description:

The next gripping thriller in the DI Sally Parker series featuring Lorne Warner from the Justice series. M A Comley is a NY Times bestselling author who has sold over four million copies worldwide.

A gruesome discovery! A truth or dare that went too far!

DI Sally Parker and her temporary partner, DS Lorne Warner, investigate a cold case which taxes these ultimate professionals.

With little evidence they’re forced to seek the assistance of an old acquaintance to help them solve this challenging investigation.

What they uncover is a web of lies and deceit that puts their lives in danger.

My Thoughts:

DI Sally Parker and her team are back and investigating a cold case after a body turns up in a lake. What was quite sad in this story, in the team’s effort to try and discover the identity of the body, is the amount of people who have disappeared with the families never knowing if it was due to foul play or that person’s choice. Seeing how families try to carry on moved me at times. It is an eye opener at just how many people do just vanish.

I love having Lorne back although it takes some getting used to with her being in the back seat and not making all the major decisions. I think Lorne herself sometimes struggles with whether she at times crosses boundaries but overall her and Sally and the rest of the team, work like a dream alongside each other. It was also great to have the lovely Carol back who has a psychic gift and is able to give Sally and Lorne a bit of help.

Cold cases are never easy with so much time having passed and I wondered if this was one case that the team wouldn’t be able to solve. At times it felt like Sally and Lorne were thinking along the same lines but it’s not long before they start getting some results which then as the story going full speed ahead has we reach that all important conclusion.

Truth or Dare is a gripping yet somewhat sombre read that I couldn’t stop thinking about every time I had to put it down. I love that the author has decided to do more along the lines of cold cases as it is human nature that we find them so fascinating as they leave us with so many questions. Whilst some parts of the story did move me, overall this was a fast paced story that totally consumed me and another great novel by the author in this series!

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