Sunrise With The Silver Surfers by Maddie Please @MaddiePlease1 @BoldwoodBooks @rararesources

Book Description:

Newly single at sixty, Elin Anderson decides it’s finally time for an adventure of her own. With her marriage to tedious Tom now officially over, Elin plans to visit the family she hasn’t seen in years. First stop: Australia!

But going home is harder than Elin thought. Everywhere she turns Elin sees brightness and colour, which only makes her own life seem even more drab and beige. How has she let herself fade away?

Determined to have some fun, Elin reluctantly agrees to join The Silver Surfers – a group of seniors who travel the coast, only caring about their next big adventure. Because life’s too short to watch the ocean when you could be making waves…

There’s only one catch – her road trip companion, Kit Pascoe. Kit is a man who doesn’t know the meaning of the word fun and makes it clear to Elin that this adventure will be subject to his own strict rules.

But with every new day, Elin slowly begins to rediscover who she really is. And she’s certain that rules are meant to be broken…aren’t they?

Perfect for fans of Judy Leigh and Dee Macdonald

My Thoughts:

Elin, originally from Australia, makes a return trip for a much needed break so she can have a good catch up with her family and friends. The trip couldn’t come at a more better time as her divorce is now final and apart from her grown up son, there isn’t anything to tie her down.

Wow, this author knows how to get across the gorgeous setting in this novel! Everything seemed to come alive when Elin lands in Australia. I could hear the waves as well as the birds along with vivid colours jumping out at me. I almost felt like I was there. It was great to see Elin slowly transform herself from the person she was back in the UK where from her lifestyle to her dress sense was quite bland. Back in her home land however, she starts to find herself and remembers who she was and what she liked before her marriage to her ex-husband Tom. You get a real sense of Elin feeling carefree and it was easy to get caught up in all those wonderful feelings.

Life in the land down under definitely feels more laid back. Kit, however, the love interest, seems to be a workaholic and things get off to a bit of a bumpy start between him and Elin. The unexpected road trip they find themselves on sounded so idyllic and I was very envious that I wasn’t actually there in person but glad that reading of their trip, that I was somehow experiencing it alongside them. Even if it was only in my dreams!

Maddie Please is one of my go to authors for wonderfully uplifting stories that are set in places that I would love to go to and Sunrise with the Silver Surfers was no exception. It was vibrant, colourful, humorous, uplifting and so much more! This really was a delight to read and can’t recommend it highly enough if you are looking for a feel-good read that is guaranteed to be the perfect pick-me-up.

My thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to be part of the tour. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Author Bio –

Maddie Please is the #1 bestselling author of novels including The Old Ducks’ Club and Sisters Behaving Badly. Having had a career as a dentist and now lives in rural Devon where she enjoys box sets, red wine and Christmas. She will be taking a new direction in her writing for Boldwood with joyous tales of older women.

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