A Womb with a View by Mark Tilbury @Tilbury_Author

Book Description:

Private investigator, Bob Blundell, is asked to undertake a seemingly routine surveillance operation at Featherstone Manor. Claudia Pennington believes her husband, Eugene, is having an affair, and she wants Bob to catch him in the act while she’s away in Africa.

But Eugene is not the only one up to no good. With his psychopathic nephew, Reuben, running amok in his own warped fantasy world, Chef’s heavily pregnant wife, Wassana, displaying episodes of feral behaviour and the baby appearing to talk inside her womb, and Eugene’s sister, Nancy, resentful of her brother because he inherited the manor, Bob finds much more than infidelity lying behind the drab stone walls of Featherstone Manor.

A Womb with a View is a chaotic, comic tale, underpinned by revenge, greed, and betrayal.

My Thoughts:

Having read all of this author’s novels, his new one is quite different from his usually dark and twisted reads.

Bob’s services are called upon by Claudia who believes her husband is having an affair and wants proof. Claudia and her husband Eugene live in a big manor house along with his sister Nancy and nephew Reuben and none of them are overly likeable characters. In fact there is probably only Bob and a couple of other characters who come across as being quite normal! The live in Chef along with his pregnant wife Wassana are especially odd to say the least, more so Wassana whose behaviour has the poor Chef running himself ragged and not knowing what to think.

Revenge and greed are definitely what fuels this story. It was sad to see these individuals all having ulterior motives and being quite selfish in their actions. It goes to show how money certainly doesn’t make you likeable although you can be popular for all of the wrong reasons. I could actually see this being televised into a little mini series as whilst there are no real big surprises, the author has written an enjoyable and somewhat humorous read that will guarantee to keep his readers entertained.

A Womb with a View is an almost softer side to this author and one I enjoyed seeing. Whilst this isn’t a cozy mystery per se, I think anyone who enjoys that genre will certainly want to pick this book up and give it a go. If you love reading about a dysfunctional family of which you would love to see certain ones getting their comeuppance, I can highly recommend Mark Tilbury’s latest engaging page turner!

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